Aldata Teams with IBM and Motorola for Next-Generation Voice-Directed Warehousing Technology

Aldata Solution, a provider of software for the retail industry, today announced the availability of Aldata Voice Directed Warehousing, the second generation of Aldata’s Voice solution that is used by more than 6,000 picking operators daily for order preparation, order splitting, and inventory management. The solution was developed in partnership with IBM and Motorola and is certified for use on the industry’s leading hardware.

Aldata Voice Directed Warehousing combines voice technology with existing mixed data collection methods (such as screen, pistol, keyboard, barcode reader, and others) on a single mobile computing device to deliver multiple capabilities at substantially lower costs than traditional voice-only units. Multimodal devices can be used in all facets of the business, from the receiving dock and onboard picking vehicles to the shipping docks and retail locations. Aldata Voice Directed Warehousing is useable by any operator right out of the box with no voice recognition training required. This drives down employee training costs and enables operator interoperability.

In addition to operator benefits, Voice Directed Warehousing simplifies operations for organizations. Some companies have a dozen or more different handheld devices, each with its own supplier. The new system from Aldata enables companies to standardize on one type of system. As a result, they are able to reduce maintenance costs and the number of supplier contracts they maintain.

“Our customers are looking for efficiencies across their businesses and are moving towards multi-modal devices that leverage existing investments but also allow them to take advantage of new processes and retail best practices,” said Allan Davies, CMO, Aldata Solution. “In conjunction with Motorola and IBM, we’ve developed a next generation technology that will drive savings for our customers today while future-proofing their investments for tomorrow.”

Creating next-generation Voice Directed Warehousing was made possible by a three-way collaboration between Aldata, Motorola, and IBM. Aldata provided its latest Voice Directed Warehousing application, Motorola offered its wide selection of wireless mobile computing devices and communications infrastructure, and IBM designed and built the solution and developed key integrations to bring the solution to market.

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