Aldata to Resell LXE's Voice-Directed Warehousing

Aldata Solution, a provider of supply chain process optimization solutions,  has partnered with LXE to resell LXE’s voice-dedicated technology as part of Aldata’s Voice Directed Warehousing solution.

As a result of Aldata’s participation in LXE’s PartnerPass Program, Aldata’s customers will be able to select a one-stop voice solution that includes versatile, voice-ready multi-modal devices. Aldata has partnered with LXE in Europe since 2008.

Aldata’s Voice Directed Warehousing open architecture extends distribution capabilities beyond legacy voice-only devices, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and traceability with its true multimodal functionality. As a result of its partnership with LXE, Aldata will be able to offer customers LXE’s voice-directed and voice-enabled computers featuring LXE’s exclusive ToughTalk technology. LXE’s ToughTalk is a specialized combination of ruggedized system design, advanced audio circuitry, and noise canceling techniques to support voice logistics operations in the harshest and loudest conditions.

“We look forward to replicating the success of our partnership with Aldata in Europe here in the United States,” said Tom Riecke, LXE's American vice president of sales. “As supply chains become more complex, they often require multimodal input. There may be areas where voice works best, and others where scanning or typing is preferred. A solution that brings together Aldata with LXE ToughTalk-enabled mobile computers makes that type of process seamless.”

Aldata’s Voice Supply Chain Technology approach enables VDW to easily integrate with industry-leading warehouse management systems. VDW combined with LXE devices enhances productivity, enabling workers to use a single device to perform voice, scanning, and keyboard functions. This means an operator is faster and more effective, training time and user-based fatigue are reduced, and there are short- and long-term productivity gains.

“Our relationship with LXE further strengthens our Voice Directed Warehousing solution, providing organizations all the tools they need to successfully integrate voice throughout their organization,” said Alain Poirier, vice president of Aldata. “Advances in voice technology by companies such as LXE and Aldata are helping organizations increase productivity and accuracy in the warehouse, streamlining operations and reducing costs.”

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