Angel.com Launches CRM by Voice

MCLEAN, VA - Angel.com, the provider of Web-based speech-enabled telephony applications for businesses, announced the launch of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by Voice, allowing companies to deploy voice-enabled, interactive virtual call center and CRM applications. Angel.com's self-service offering provides voice solutions for pressing and time-consuming CRM needs, including automated responses to frequently asked questions, phone-based access to account information, and fully interactive customer satisfaction surveys. CRM by Voice is a hosted solution that requires no additional hardware or software purchases. Angel.com's online service allows businesses to develop interactive speech applications - called "Voice Sites" - via a Web browser and self-service tools. Angel.com provides a variety of front-end templates so companies can build and customize a CRM application and integrate with existing online CRM and support solutions. CRM by Voice provides benefits for companies including: *Reduced costs for handling administrative and repetitive information requests, as compared to live call center agents.

*Resolution of support cases with an interactive caller experience that ensures routing to the most appropriate call center agent.

*Instant and intuitive access to a broad selection of support options.

*Consistent service quality available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

*Unlimited call capacity to handle large volumes of customer service requests.

"Companies today are in a serious bind as they have to maintain the best customer service possible while reducing expenditures," said Michael Zirngibl, president of Angel.com. "CRM by Voice proves that custom phone-based CRM applications can be deployed quickly without large capital investments, expensive call center agents or frustrating touchtone prompts. And the functionality makes CRM by Voice as attractive to a small catalog company as a large software manufacturer."

Customers are using Angel.com for a range of voice-based CRM applications such as:

Order and Status Tracking
Account Activation
Intelligent Call Routing
Store Locators
Catalog and Brochure Requests
Interactive FAQs
Promotion or Event Hotlines
Customer Surveys
E-Commerce, including Order Processing and Credit Card Capture
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