Argos Selects Voxware's VoiceLogistics to Voice-Enable Distribution Centers

Argos, one of the U.K.'s multichannel retailers, selected Voxware's VoiceLogistics, and is nearing the completion of its first phase deployment involving approximately 200 workers at Argos' Basildon, Mossend, and Wolverhampton facilities.

"We've achieved a greater than 99.8 percent accuracy rate in the distribution centers that have deployed Voxware's VoiceLogistics, which is higher than non-voice DC's," stated Eddie Mcgilveray, the WMS project manager at Argos. "We've also seen a  productivity increase in picking through the changes in process that voice allows, which is impressive, considering that labor standards were already in place. In addition, our training time has decreased significantly as a result of implementing voice."

VoiceLogistics enables Argos' users to use their own languages and dialects. Work is currently underway to understand the possibilities for voice in all other aspects of the warehousing operations.

"We intend to maximize the use of voice throughout the distribution centre," continued Mcgilveray . "As we deploy more applications, we increase the return on our investment. Thus, we fully intend to make use of idle units with other applications during off-peak times."

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