ArialPhone Launches Nationwide Reseller Program Aimed at ComputerTelephony Market

 ArialPhone, a provider of wireless communications devices and voice-enabling software, announced a new nationwide reseller program designed to extend the reach of the company's sales efforts into the computer telephony market. Resellers specializing in telephony systems and computer telephony products can participate in the program, which features the one-ounce, wearable ArialPhone.

The ArialPhone represents a voice-activated communications product that allows users to place phone calls using their computer contact database—by saying a person's name. It's patented, hands-free Earset design enables users to move from their PCs as they place and receive phone calls. Productivity and efficiency gains are realized because the user can perform automated contact management functions, such as voice dialing by name, while moving about the home or office. The wireless ArialPhone utilizes standard phone lines, which means no monthly service fees are involved.

"Because it can be integrated with popular digital PBX systems, the ArialPhone device is an excellent add-on product for resellers seeking to appeal to executives or team leaders who rely heavily on telecommunications to create and maintain strong business relationships," said Mike Wagener, President of ArialPhone Corp. "Through ArialPhone, these professionals gain a whole new level of convenience and mobility inside the workplace. I'm confident it will serve as an exciting addition to any telephony product line."

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