ArkX Labs Collaborates with Sensory for Enhanced Speech Recognition

ArkX Laboratories, a provider of advanced far-field voice capture and speech recognition technology, has expanded its collaboration with voice and vision artificial intelligence provider Sensory to incorporate its advanced speech recognition, natural language understanding, voice biometrics, wake words, facial recognition, and sound identification technologies with ArkX's EveryWord touchless voice solutions.

New capabilities will allow for ultra-low-power, always-listening, and natural language touchless control. This includes a preset library of popular tuned wake words, support for two dozen languages/dialects, and the ability to create custom branded wake words. Typical deployments include consumer electronics applications, including appliances, robotics, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT, and home electronics.

"Brands increasingly want to create their own branded voice experiences for their customers," said Eric Bauswell, CEO of ArkX Labs, in a statement. "Working with Sensory, we have integrated a powerful set of advanced capabilities that enable [manufacturers] to disrupt the status quo of good enough to deliver cutting-edge speech recognition performance to their customers."

"Voice adoption continues to grow rapidly, and brands are always exploring ways to streamline the process of integrating a convenient voice UX into their products," said Todd Mozer, Sensory's CEO, in a statement. "Working with ArkX Labs provides the industry a turnkey solution for integrating advanced speech recognition capabilities into their products that can enable OEM-brand-specific wake words and other attractive advanced feature sets."

The EveryWord Ultra portfolio consists of an Audio Front-End (AFE) Voice Processing Module, an Integrated Voice Module (SOM + Audio Board w/AFE), and an AVS Development Kit qualified by Amazon Voice Service (AVS). The advanced audio and voice technology enable enhanced human-to-human and human-to-machine speech recognition.

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