Ask Ziggy Launches API, Partners with Priceline

Ask Ziggy is releasing its cloud-based voice API globally, allowing developers to convert their apps from a finger-typing process search to one that is 100 percent voice operated using the company's natural language understanding technology.

Users simply speak their desires into their mobile devices in their own words, and the Ask Ziggy API will interface with the app to deliver the proper response to the user in text or voice.

Code understanding is not required from the app developer to install the API. "With our API, we've immediately transformed the operation of every app in the world," said Shai Leib, CEO of Ask Ziggy, in a statement.

In addition, Ask Ziggy announced a partnership with Priceline, the travel discounter, offering in a new app called "Say It Book It." The app allows global users to book any of 200,000 hotels nightly simply by using their voice to select and book a room, without typing any text. "Booking a hotel room will never be the same again, as our new app will transform the speed and ease of preselecting your own special room requests by using your natural voice words with zero typing," Leib said.

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