AudioCodes Launches VocaNom Voice Dialing

AudioCodes, a provider of voice solutions for IP voice networks, has launched VocaNOM speech-driven dialing capabilities for its 400HD series of IP phones.

By using VocaNOM, a voice-dialing solution designed and developed by AC Voca, AudioCodes' Speech Recognition Division, AudioCodes IP phone users can place calls simply by saying the intendend recipients' names.

The speech recognition engine used in VocaNOM is specially designed to identify contact and department names. It offers more than 95 percent accuracy in English, German, and Hebrew.

VocaNOM can be deployed rapidly with full interoperability with various corporate PBXs. Real-time synchronization with corporate address books (via Active Directory) means that VocaNOM solution takes no more than a few hours to become fully operational.

"We are witnessing great success with VocaNOM across various types of organizations," said Tzacki Naim, AC Voca's general manager, in a statement. "With the VocaNOM voice-dialing solution, employees simply press one button on their desk phones, say any name, and get connected.

"For employees who need to place work calls to various contacts in very short time periods, VocaNOM becomes their preferred dialing solution, as these workers can make calls without having to look up or store corporate phone numbers or have their calls handled by the organization's phone operator," he continued. "C-level managers, sales managers, or any other organizational functions that act as a main contact touch point see VocaNOM as a true productivity enabler in the office space and especially when driving or on the go. VocaNOM makes a great communication assistant tool that is well-adapted to the needs of busy workers who appreciate time-saving, productivity, and the freedom to make instant work calls from anywhere, at any given time."

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