Auraya Debuts Voice Biometric Solution ArmorVox for Android

Auraya Systems, the Australian developer of the ArmorVox Speaker Identity System, has developed a version of ArmorVox10 for Android devices. Branded ArmorVox for Android, the software implements Auraya’s language-independent, speaker-adaptive core voce biometrics algorithm but in a scaled-down version configured to operate on Android smartphones or tablets.

Aimed at smartphone manufacturers, mobile apps, and operating system developers, ArmorVox for Android software implements both the enrolment and verification functions. This enables a smartphone running ArmorVox for Android to enroll an individual and then set up the smartphone so only that person can unlock the device; access mobile banking, social networking, messaging, photographs, and password/personal information vaults; or activate other features, such as voicemail, networking, Bluetooth, and cloud connectivity.

Given that ArmorVox for Android is based on same core algorithm used in ArmorVox10 server version, voiceprints produced locally by ArmorVox for Android are interchangeable with voiceprints produced by the fully blown cloud/server versions. This lets developers implement solutions that enroll and verify either locally or in the cloud and swap voiceprints between the two modes to implement voice biometric authentication solutions to meet specific regional business and regulatory requirements.

"While ArmorVox for Android implements Auraya's patented core speaker-adaptive voice biometrics algorithm, instead of supporting multiple voice biometrics modes, such as text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted, fast cross matching, and gender detection, the Android version supports a single text-dependent mode required to authenticate the user saying simple requests," said Auraya CEO Clive Summerfield in statement. "By limiting the functionality only to text-dependent mode, storage and processing requirements are significantly reduced without compromising the industrial strength, accuracy, robustness, and reliability for which the ArmorVox10 is renowned."

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