Avatier Extends End-to-end Password Management with Three Modes for Phone Password Reset

SAN RAMON, Calif. - Avatier Corporation released the Avatier Phone Password Reset Suite, an additional module of the Avatier Identity Management Server (AIMS) platform. This new product suite extends AIMS' user provisioning and end-to-end password management offering to include three different methods for resetting passwords over the phone, including using an employee configured Personal Identification Number (PIN), voice identification or RSA SecurID token.
"Our organization required a password management solution that would alleviate the number of related help desk calls and address instances where a member of the IT team is unavailable," Kamran Khayami, senior network engineer with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. "With Avatier's Phone Password Reset solution in place, our employees can reset their own passwords and remain productive while freeing-up our valuable IT resources."
"A tool supporting self-service password reset is critical to avoid costly calls to the help desk, especially at a time when enterprise customers are strengthening password policies to address regulatory compliance requirements," said Phil Schacter, analyst at Burton Group. "It makes sense to complement traditional Web-based password reset interfaces with alternative approaches that leverage the universally accessible nature of the Phone system."
Avatier's Phone Password Reset options can be accessed from anywhere at any time of day.  Additionally, the AIMS suite allows administrators to set criteria for passwords that can be enforced through any of the self-service reset options.
Avatier Phone Password Reset Suite extends AIMS' end-to-end password management offering with the following three methods for resetting passwords over the phone:

  • PIN Phone Reset - The administrator designates a numeric field in an LDAP directory, Microsoft Active Directory, or Windows NT which is entered by the end-user using a touchtone phone. The system locates the end-user in the primary directory, confirms their identity using their PIN and resets the forgotten password. Anti-hacker barriers and alerts are built-in to warn security administrators of too many invalid attempts. 
  • RSA SecurID Phone Reset - Avatier's technology matches the serial number on the back of the RSA SecurID token to the end-user account in any LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Voice Identification - Avatier's voice identification technology matches pre-recorded end-user voice prints to their network logon account in any LDAP directory, Microsoft Active Directory, or Windows NT account repository.  

Avatier's AIMS is based on Web services for integration with enterprise applications, including legacy applications, without requiring consulting services to customize or deploy the product. Avatier's AIMS enables multilingual interface for 26 languages.

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