Baidu Launches Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and Upgraded XiaoduPods

Baidu today introduced its Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and the upgraded wireless XiaoduPods smart earbuds with advanced voice-enabled features.

Xiaodu Smart Display X10, the newest addition of Xiaodu's smart speaker product line, has been equipped with a suite of upgraded artificial intelligence-powered functions, full-duplex continued conversation, gesture control, voiceprint recognition, and intelligent response capabilities.

The upgraded XiaoduPods now feature a voice note function that can turn on the recording mode while real-time speech recognition simultaneously transcribes the recording to text on the connected smartphone. Upon completion, users can then edit the text while listening to the recording playback. The resulting files are then exported and backed up to other devices.  

Users can also use XiaoduPods with the Xiaodu App to control smart home devices and initiate smart functions, such as navigation, phone calls, or listening to the news, with their voices.

"Our goal is to serve people of all age groups. We hope to accelerate the process of breaking boundaries, allowing smart assistants to be engaged in different scenarios at a faster pace and enter the lives of more people," said Kun Jing, corporate vice president of Baidu and general manager of its Smart Living Group, at a launch event in Beijing.

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