Bamboo Luminaries Voice-Interaction Game Available on Google and Android Devices

Bamboo Learning, a provider of voice-based learning solutions, has brought its Bamboo Luminaries Action on Google on more than 1 billion Google Assistant-capable devices, including the entire family of Google Nest and Google Home devices, as well as most Android phones and tablets.

Bamboo Luminaries is a voice application and history trivia game that features prominent and lesser-known historical figures from architecture, art, film, geography, history, literature, music, science, social justice, and sports. Through Google Assistant, Bamboo Luminaries is available in more than 80 countries. Players who have Google Assistant screen-based devices, including Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub Max, and Android phones and tablets, can view images and text that enhance the voice-first educational game. To have the graphics synchronize with the voice interaction, Bamboo Luminaries takes advantage of Google Assistant's Interactive Canvas, which allows developers to add visual, immersive experiences through conversational Actions on Google.

"Bamboo Luminaries has been one of our most popular voice applications, and we are excited to make it available to over 1 billion Google and Android customers using Google Assistant," said Ian Freed, co-founder and CEO of Bamboo Learning, in a statement. "Bamboo Luminaries games, including Guess a Luminary and luminary quizzes, are a great way to learn about important historical figures and how they shaped our world."

"Bamboo Learning has become a leader in voice-forward educational applications in the few years since the company's founding," said David Kaufman, senior product manager for Google's Assistant Developer Platform, in a statement. "The Bamboo Luminaries Action truly takes advantage of the new visual capabilities of Interactive Canvas to weave interesting photos from the past into a conversational history trivia game."

"T-Mobile customers can now access Bamboo Luminaries on the go using Google Assistant on their Android phones," said Parag Garg, vice president of product and technology at T-Mobile, in a statement. "Bamboo Learning is at the forefront of developing conversational learning tools. It's a fun, educational way for our customers to enjoy history and compete with their friends."

Bamboo Luminaries Action on Google can be enabled for free by saying "Hey Google, talk to Bamboo Luminaries" to devices with the Android Google Search App version 9.86 or later.

Bamboo Learning launched a version of Luminaries for Amazon Alexa devices in December.

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