BigHand to Release Version 2 of iCreate Integrated Total Workflow Productivity Suite

BigHand, a provider of voice productivity technology for legal professionals, and its subsidiary, Esquire Innovations, have introduced version 2 of their total workflow productivity suite, featuring Esquire's new iCreate 7 EP2 release and BigHand's 4.5 enterprise digital dictation solution.

Version 2 of the total workflow productivity solution further enhances the workflow between digital dictation and transcription and smart templates, powerful numbering, streamlined formatting, document renovation, and styles best practices.

iCreate's document creation capability is now available from within the Bighand application, allowing users to generate firm-standard documents from existing transcriptions or dictations. BigHand will automatically fill in the necessary profiling information needed to generate documents within iCreate.

"This next phase of product integration represents a true leap in efficiency for BigHand and iCreate clients. The ability to seamlessly take content dictated by a lawyer, convert it to text, and populate it directly into a law firms' standardized templates, and then dynamically style the document with just a few clicks will dramatically increase efficiency and improve quality. Additionally, integrating the profiling information between BigHand and iCreate allows better visibility to the attorney on the status of the work in progress," said Eric Wangler, president of BigHand, in a statement.

BigHand's voice productivity technology combines smartphone dictation apps, advanced workflow software, and speech recognition integration. When a dictation is initiated, whether on a smartphone or digital hardware device, BigHand provides firms with customized workflows and work share options to process and prioritize dictations.

Firms that use BigHand can prioritize urgent work and set alerts to ensure important items get expedited. Once a transcription is ready for creation, iCreate completes the workflow cycle by providing document creation tools to create, process, format, and finalize documents for transmission.

"Our continued mission is to improve workflow by providing highly efficient tools whereby users can get their work done faster with the quality they expect. Our version 2 of the integration will provide a more streamlined approach to document creation by placing iCreate's industry-leading automation within the BigHand application," said Esquire Innovations Managing Director Ian Kujawa in a statement.

In addition to the new BigHand integration, this latest version of iCreate includes SQL and Active Directory integration. Clients will now be able to link to current Active Directory or SQL databases to access vital shared information for importation into documents as they are being processed through iCreate's advanced document production workflow.

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