Botanic and Waag Labs Select Acapela Group

Botanic, a garden center chain with 56 sites in France and Italy and over 2,000 staff, chose Acapela's speech synthesis to provide voice-overs for its e-learning programs.

Botanic's 2,000 staff members of Botanic have permanent access to a training program. 

Botanic chose Acapela's speech synthesis to give a voice to its e-learning software.

"Acapela's text-to-speech is by far the best we have ever tested for our on-line lessons. The quality and intonation are amazing, we could hardly tell if the voice was human or synthetic. The software allows us to generate high quality voice prompts at a very low cost with a perfect flexibility that allows us to re-write, update or adapt the content at any time. The new French male voice gives us a wider range of possibilities." says Sylvie Lavieille from Botanic.

By using Acapela's speech synthesis, Botanic gives its training programs a voice in French and Italian.

The voice prompts used by Botanic are generated with Acapela Virtual Speaker, a virtual recording studio which, once installed on the PC, allows them to create any voice message without having to invest in extra hardware or specific integration or development.

"The quality of the output from Virtual Speaker and its ease of use make it the perfect tool to enable our teams to design and produce coherent and homogeneous content for the e-learning software, by including vocal elements immediately available in both languages." adds Sylvie Lavieille.

Waag Labs chose Acapela to voice enable BoardMessenger.

Waag Society, a knowledge institute based in Amsterdam, selected Acapela multilingual tones to voice enable BoardMessenger, communication software for mentally challenged people and their environment.

With BoardMessenger, five to 10 people can send each other messages using text-to-speech technology, symbol technology, writing, drawing and webcam aids, pictures and symbols.

Acapela text-to-speech voice-enables the interface, turning any text, writing, symbol or function into a natural sounding voice to support the user with speech in all situations. It enhances communication within this environment. The written information is transmitted with voices.

"The quality level of the text-to-speech engine for BoardMessenger is one of the essential keys to success. Acapela High Quality text to speech was the only one that lived up to our expectations, out of a total of four TTS engines" said Robbert Woltering, director of Waag Labs.

BoardMessenger speaks US-English, UK-English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian and Dutch and is marketed in these areas.

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