Brooktrout and Vocomo Deliver Integrated IVR Solution to Clinical Automation

SAN FRANCISCO - Brooktrout Technology Inc. and Vocomo announced that Clinical Automation is now using the Vocomo Voice Response, which runs on Brooktrout's TR1000™ speech processing platform, in its Recruitment Automation Service. By using the Recruitment Automation Service, clinical trial physicians and researchers can now recruit research subjects faster and more efficiently than with traditional screening methods. In the past, potential research subjects would read an ad in the newspaper, call a special number and then leave their name and phone number and wait for the researcher to call them back. Often researchers wasted valuable time responding to unqualified subjects. Now subjects can call a number and interact with the Recruitment Automation Service and provide their answers to questions via speech or touchtone. The service will then screen out unqualified subjects, freeing site recruiters to concentrate their recruiting efforts on subjects with the greatest probability of enrollment.
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