CallMiner Announces TrendMiner, Version 5.0

FORT MYERS, Fla. - CallMiner Inc. released TrendMiner 5.0, a speech analytics tool. The Web-based call mining application uses integrated patent-pending speech analytics technology, enabling call centers to search recorded calls, uncover trends and find business intelligence. 

TrendMiner, Version 5.0 New Features:

  • Search Refinement - TrendMiner 5.0 enables the user to search within search results for mining large audio archives.  
  • Call Meta-Data Wizard - Calls can now be filtered by attributes surrounding a call, such as agent or customer account to analyze different views within call data.  
  • Word Wizard - TrendMiner 5.0 employs a matching algorithm that helps the user choose search words and phrases.  The word wizard integrates a dictionary, thesaurus, and homonym engine into one interface. 
  • Improved Call Player and Snippet Engine - Results are sorted and presented to find the phrase related to the users search. TrendMiner also displays an audio wave form to help the user navigate searched audio. 
  • New Charting and Trending Tools - Search results can be analyzed in user defined combinations to view call data over time and by meta-data information.   
  • Database and Search Statistics - TrendMiner 5.0 provides summary statistics about the call database and searches to help manage call data and searches. 
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