CastleOS Releases CastleHUB for Smart Home Technology

CastleOS has previewed its upcoming CastleHUB, a Windows 10 smart home hub, featuring voice control with Cortana and Kinect.

Using Cortana on Windows 10 or the Kinect for far-field control in a room, users can speak to turn on lights, set moods with color-changing bulbs, control entertainment systems, adjust heat and air conditioning, lock doors, monitor security, water the lawn, or even feed the family pet.

By combining several internal radios with ports for many external radios, the CastleHUB features support for any smart device protocol, C#-based scripting, and a full and open application programming interface. CastleOS controls any brand smart device and also provides apps for every smartphone: iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

The CastleHUB does not rely on the cloud to perform its duties; everything is done on the CastleHUB itself. This reduces latency between when command being issued and when it is executed.

The CastleHUB offers built-in entertainment features and many included apps. It also supports home theater server apps such as Plex, Kodi, and Emby.

The CastleHUB will be available later this month.

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