China Telecom Is Provided 168 Services by InfoTalk and Guangzhou Suntek

China Telecom announced that InfoTalk collaborated with Guangzhou Suntek to further promote the use of voice services in China , continuing to develop more 168 Voice Services for China Telecom.  Both parties have been closely working together to provide services for China Telecom's 168 Voice Services.  The 168 Voice Services provide a variety of information and services, including fixed-line SMS, song dedication, stock commentary and exchange rate information.   The 168 Services are powered by InfoTalk-Recognizer and InfoTalk-Speaker.  Based on InfoTalk's speech technologies and Guangzhou Suntek's IPS platform, the 168 Services have been deployed in China, including Dalian , Gansu , Guiyang , Hebei , Liuzhou , and Zhongqing.    Chinese citizens in these different regions can access the information using fixed-line or mobile telephones.  Speech recognition technologies enable callers to use applications such as the song dedication service.  In a touch-tone system, songs have to be assigned a number while the callers have to remember it before they can listen to the song.  With speech technology, callers can now say the name of any Chinese or English songs available in the song dedication service to listen to the song on the phones.   With TTS technology, information access services like stock commentary, exchange rate information and fixed-line SMS services can be converted into voice.  Callers are able to listen to the instant information that changes on a daily basis while the quality of the voice will not be sacrificed.

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