ClickFox Announces Three CEA Business Solutions

ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions, today announced three new business solutions: CEA for Operational Efficiency, CEA for Customer Satisfaction, and CEA for Customer Retention.

The company developed the solutions to address the growing imperative of strategically managing customer experience as an integrated, cross-channel core competency in order to meet today’s critical challenges of carving out operational costs while at the same time shoring up customer satisfaction and retention.

With the ability to aggregate data from all touch points and other analytics sources—such as speech analytics, web analytics, quality monitoring, agent scoring, work force optimization, and beyond—ClickFox positions itself as the only solution provider in the industry to offer these solutions as comprehensive cross-channel offerings.

The solutions consist of integrated software and services that provide customer experience mapping and analysis, business process reengineering, reporting, and portals—enabling complete executive business case reporting along with the ability to monitor and measure the impact of cross-channel customer experience analytics leveraging the ClickFox CEA Enterprise 2.0 solution.

The new solutions have been designed as practical, pre-packaged offerings that enable businesses to easily and rapidly achieve significant, ongoing, bottom-line benefits on the path to full-channel customer experience excellence.

ClickFox’s three new solutions provide enterprises with a road map to cross-channel customer experience excellence as well as a well-guided entry point to address some of the most critical challenges facing businesses today.

“Analytics in many different guises and applications have become core to enterprises in all industries around the globe,” said Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox. “However, best-in-class organizations are looking past individual technologies and applications. Instead what they are really clamoring for are intelligent comprehensive analytics solutions for the corner office—solutions that can clearly and quickly both deliver high-impact recommendations as well as measure and analyze business impact.”

ClickFox will schedule a series of webinars in the coming months to detail the specifics of these new solution offerings.

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