Convergent Voice and VoiceGenie Partner to Deliver Voice-Enabled Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions

TORONTO, CANADA and ROCHESTER, NY - VoiceGenie Technologies Inc., a VoiceXML Gateway solutions provider, and Convergent Voice Inc., a provider in voice automated solutions and contact center consulting services, announced their co-marketing and sales alliance.

The partnership between VoiceGenie and Convergent Voice will help bring more automated voice solutions to market. Convergent Voice's automated contact center solutions enable effective management of customer interactions through voice user interfaces. The customer experience is enhanced through the integration of multiple capabilities including advanced speech recognition, intelligent human agent integration, CRM database integration for personalized treatment and multi-modal device support for effective information dissemination. Coupled with the VoiceGenie Gateway, it provides a complete set of ready-to-use frameworks and automated agents.

While proprietary IVR solutions are limited and often result in frustrated callers "zeroing out" to expensive live agents, VoiceXML based solutions provide a simpler, more natural interface, allowing real-time access to information, reducing call on-hold times, and resulting in cost savings of up to 90% per call.

"We are now able to offer the marketplace applications that take advantage of the rich capabilities provided by the VoiceGenie VoiceXML platform," said David Lanning, President of Convergent Voice. "Our product synergies complement each other in a way that inspires confidence in companies focused on providing the ultimate in customer care."

As the integration of voice recognition technologies in enterprise contact centers continues to grow, the demand for compatible and flexible communication systems with effective user interfaces is becoming increasingly important. Enterprises and contact centers are adopting Voice-driven solutions based on open standards to deliver new efficiencies and user-friendly accessibility.

"We are pleased to announce the partnership between VoiceGenie and Convergent Voice. Our complementary solutions enable companies to deploy advanced platforms that support personalized customer care applications, dramatically improving productivity as well as responsiveness to the customer while reducing costs for the enterprise," said Stuart Berkowitz, President and CEO of VoiceGenie Technologies.

Planning, design and project management are essential components of Convergent Voice's delivery models on the VoiceGenie Voice Web platform. The partnership ensures quality is factored into the process, from initial customer engagement and planning to installation, integration and maintenance.

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