CosmoCom Virtual Contact Center Technology Enables Better Medication Management

PharmMD has chosen CosmoCom’s virtual contact center technology to advance its medication therapy management (MTM) services to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

“Unintentional medication misuse is a major healthcare issue that jeopardizes patient safety and is costly to consumers and healthcare providers alike,” says Bo Bartholomew, CEO of PharmMD. “We are always looking for ways to better improve the services that we offer our clients, and through our partnership with CosmoCom, we are doing just that.”

PharmMD connects patients with pharmacists across the country to educate and help patients understand their prescriptions. PharmMD’s vendor research, backed up by referrals from other healthcare leaders, led PharmMD to select CosmoCom’s CosmoCall Universe contact center software.

CosmoCom’s state-of-the-art predictive dialer enables engagement mangers at PharmMD’s corporate office to proactively reach out to patients to schedule consulting sessions with pharmacists. The CosmoDesk Web agent solves the problem of pharmacists being geographically dispersed across the country by enabling them to use a browser-based softphone and Voice over IP (VoIP). Simply by using their PC at home with a headset attached, pharmacists can consult with patients as their scheduled allow.

“There is no difference if our users are in the office or at their home anywhere in the country,” says Bartholomew. “CosmoCom’s technology facilitates a virtual workforce of very professional talent we could not have otherwise reached.”

Bill Frazier, regional sales director at CosmoCom, explains, “All pharmacist interactions are reported upon and recorded for compliance. Each user can see the status or “presence” of all other users on the system or chat with managers if they need assistance. CosmoCall Universe allows a highly extended workforce to operate as if they were in the same room.”

“PharmMD is another great example of redefining the use of contact center technology to improve healthcare and the lives of patients,” says Ari Sonesh, CosmoCom CEO.

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