Credigy Selects LiveVox Voice Portal 2.0 for Agent Management

SAN FRANCISCO -- Credigy, a receivables management services company, became the latest customer to employ LiveVox’s Voice Portal 2.0 platform.

With operations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, Credigy found its current predictive dialer solution did not offer all the flexibility and capacity required by the company to effectively collect funds from debtors. In less than two months, Credigy transitioned its U.S. operations to LiveVox's Voice Portal 2.0 solution and is now experiencing a 35 percent increase in successful agent connects and resulting collections.

"What really sold us on the LiveVox solution was how the system tracks availability for each agent and presents customer data to the agent at the time the call is answered," said Adrian Levinson, telecom manager for Credigy. "We compared an on-premises solution to LiveVox's hosted application, as well as looking at other outsourcing vendors, and there was no comparison. The difference is like water and wine. Now, agents do not have to spend their time performing a look-up. Instead, pertinent information is presented to them while they are accepting a call, enabling them to immediately have a productive conversation with a customer."

"Prior to using LiveVox's Voice Portal, Credigy's agents were losing nearly 40 percent of their calls due to lengthy queues and extensive wait times. The use of LiveVox's Voice Portal has brought this percentage down to almost zero," said Louis Summe, CEO of LiveVox. "In addition, with our solution, agents are held accountable for each call, providing even more incentive for them to provide an overall positive customer experience."

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