CyberTwice and Contexta360 Partner on Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording and Speech Analytics

Contexta360, a speech analytics and conversational computing company, is partnering with CyberTwice, a cloud-based recording and archiving company, to leverage CyberTwice ATTEST to extend Contexta360's speech analytics platform. The partnership will deliver insights into millions of Microsoft Teams conversations, automating the call summary and fully integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The platform secures Microsoft Teams recordings, delivers 16 pre-built metrics and use-cases, and analyzes calls for the following subject areas:

  • Script adherence;
  • Process adherence;
  • Sales methodology;
  • CX best practices;
  • Compliance;
  • Silence detection;
  • Sentiment detection;
  • Actions and intent;
  • Broken process detection; and
  • Quality management.

"We see a significant shift in how businesses are communicating with their customers, and we believe Microsoft Teams is a leading force in this new paradigm. With ATTEST for Teams, we offer an advanced, affordable alternative in Azure for existing cloud and on-premises (compliance) recording solutions," said Sil Steffens, CEO of CyberTwice, in a statement.

"Our speech, text, and interaction analytics platform complements CyberTwice's recording solution and the wider Microsoft platform, delivering insights into the topics, actions, trends, process compliance, and sales or service methodology held within millions of calls or chat sessions," said Andrew White, CEO of Contexta360, in a statement.

The Contexta360/CyberTwice Platform is available as a Microsoft Azure cloud service and is suited to Microsoft CSP and Dynamics partners.

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