Dalet Speaks a New Language with Nexidia's Dialogue Search

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of enterprise media asset management solutions for broadcasters, is collaborating with Nexidia, a provider of dialogue search and audio analysis technology for the media and entertainment industries.

Nexidia's dialogue search finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media. Working with Dalet's enterprise media asset management solutions, Nexidia's dialogue search will allow editors, journalists, producers, archivists, and others to search and retrieve assets that traditional metadata searches would likely miss.

"Integrating Nexidia dialogue search into our ecosystem gives Dalet users innovative new ways to find the content they need amid massive amounts of audio and video material," says Raoul Cospen, director of marketing at Dalet. "Because Nexidia ships as a module, Dalet users will be able to easily add dialogue search to their existing system, expanding traditional search capabilities without disturbing operations, and with virtually no user training."

Closely integrated with Dalet&rsquo's systems, Nexidia's patented technology will do the following:

  • Search hundreds of thousands of hours of media in just seconds;
  • Find any word or phrase, including slang, brand and proper names;
  • Tolerate spelling errors, individual accents, and poor audio quality;
  • Work in conjunction with standard metadata search; and
  • Support multiple languages and dialects, including U.S., U.K., and Australian English, European French, European and Latin American Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Modern Standard Arabic.

"The value of your assets is limited to your ability to quickly and easily find what you need," said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager of media and entertainment at Nexidia. "Case studies have shown that dialogue search returns 10-100 times as many relevant results as standard metadata alone. Since Dalet's customers manage many of the largest media libraries in the world, dialogue search will clearly help them to get more value from their assets."

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