Datalog.ai Introduces MyPolly Platform

Datalog.ai, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up that brings human-like conversation to bots, virtual assistants, IoT devices, and business applications, has launched the MyPolly platform, which introduces continuous conversation via natural language understanding.

MyPolly, which is currently in closed beta testing for developers and bot builders, enables virtual assistants and bots to interpret human input, making MyPolly smarter over time.

"Today's AI is not meeting what consumers crave," said Jack Crawford, founder and CEO of datalog.ai, in a statement. "Most bots only allow for a single response to a single question. Current home devices can understand speech, yet fail to incorporate past interactions, requests, or habits that the consumer has exhibited. We are here to change that."

"Human conversations are contextual, and our personal responses are based on previous things we have said or heard. We can now deliver stateful human-like continuous conversation using artificial intelligence with MyPolly," Malaikannan Sankarasubbu, founder and chief technology officer at datalog.ai, in a statement.

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