Dexem, Eureka Soft, JD-Labtech, MAP Telecom and Telisma join forces to promote VoiceXML

PARIS, FRANCE - Dexem, Eureka Soft, JD-Labtech, MAP Telecom and Telisma announce the creation of an informal study group whose mission is to promote the VoiceXML standard. The aim of the initiative is to help enterprises take the all-important first step thanks to VoiceXML. The key benefit of the standard is that it makes speech-enabled application programming, previously perceived as a complex task, as easy and straightforward as Web-based application programming, while enabling universal portability of voice applications. Because it allows for rapid design, easy testing and requires limited initial investment VoiceXML is, in the view of the members of the new study group, the key to the large-scale emergence of a new generation of voice services. The group conceives the voice community as a sort of "ecosystem", with each member company representing a particular link in the voice industry chain and bringing its own particular expertise and experience to bear. All members share a common commitment to bringing technology integrating the VoiceXML standard to market.
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