Dial2Do Integrates Voice Activated Messaging with Drive’N’Talk

Dial2Do, a technology company that enables hands-free communications, including email and SMS, today announced that its Dial2Do Pro service has been integrated with DriveNTalk’s installed Bluetooth Car kit, KlaT 7, also launching at CES this week. Drivers who purchase and install a DriveNTalk Bluetooth solution will also have the option of using Dial2Do to send, listen to, and reply to emails and text messages, as well as record reminders for themselves, simply by using their voice,

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with a handsfree market leader like DriveNTalk, which has built a long reputation for developing high-quality hands-free products,” said Ivan MacDonald, CEO of Dial2Do. “The market for hands-free, voice-activated messaging service is rapidly expanding due to the growing recognition that drivers need a safe and reliable way to stay connected. By making Dial2Do seamlessly accessible through DriveNTalk, drivers can easily and quickly access a true, two-way messaging service while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”

Dial2Do Pro allows users to send and listen to emails and text messages using one’s voice. DriveNTalk users will be able to access the service simply by speaking the word “Text Message” while driving. Users then speak a command telling the service what they want to do and then speak the actual message. Dial2Do converts the message into text and sends to the intended recipient.

A purchase of a DriveNTalk installed car kit will come with a 90-day subscription to Dial2Do Pro. They will then have the option of continuing to use the service for $3.99 per month or $39.99 for the year.

“Dial2Do allows people to do more in their cars, enabling them to be more productive and efficient during that daily time spent commuting to work or sitting in traffic,” said HS. Jang, Vice President of DriveNTalk. “We are very excited to be in partnership with Dial2Do. Our DriveNTalk handsfree device, with its advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation features, are optimized for Dial2Do users and we are confident that our users will immediately see the value and enjoy its ease of use.”

Dial2Do is also available direct-to-consumer via the company’s Web site  (www.dial2do.com). This deal with DriveNTalk is one of the company’s first integration deals since launching out of beta phase late last year.

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