Edify & RAC Earn Kinetic Vision Award

SANTA CLARA, CA - Edify Corporation, an S1 company and a supplier of multi-channel CRM solutions throughout the enterprise, announced that its customer RAC Motoring Services has received the sixth annual Kinetic Information Vision Award for its implementation of Edify's multi-channel CRM platform. Working with Edify, RAC was able to build and deploy a customer interaction management system enhancing and improving its overall member experience. "To make sure we continue to offer the high quality of service our members have come to expect of us, we are designing a system that allows them to communicate with us by whichever means they prefer," said Susan Tarling, Head of RAC Motoring Services Customer Contact Centre. "Our new Edify powered email management system will enable us to process a range of different transactions requested by members, automatically, with the assurance that we truly understand the request. We view Kinetic Information's Vision Award as validation that we are bringing exceptional service and value to our members and we are delighted to have received it." Kinetic Information's 2002 Vision Award honors the technology initiatives that exhibited the greatest potential for transforming business process. RAC's implementation of the fully functional combined statistical and deep linguistic processing natural language solution was based on Edify technology and solutions. The system provides RAC with a key competitive advantage by greatly enhancing the overall quality of customer interaction experience. Edify enables RAC to provide a consistent customer experience regardless of contact channel and to proactively outreach to customers, which enhances its ability to maximize the financial return from every customer. "The Vision Award recognizes solutions that pragmatically push the technology envelope," said Steve Weissman, President of Kinetic Information. "RAC's use of natural language processing to enhance its Web and email customer service systems clearly qualifies it as Visionary, and we are pleased indeed to award it with Vision honors." RAC's customer contact center utilizes Edify agent support solutions including auto routing, autosuggestion (using Edify Natural Language) and text segmentation combined with desktop knowledge base access. The interaction management solution provides a comprehensive understanding of the context and content of customer queries and communications allowing RAC to automate the internal handling of basic request responses providing agents with in-depth and relevant data. "It is exciting to see that RAC's implementation has enabled it to transparently enhance its customer service system," said Joseph G. Brown, general manager of Edify. "Working with us RAC was able to quickly generate a significant ROI. We helped RAC identify system bottlenecks and not simply correct them, but extend the overall level of service it is able to provide its members by upgrading its enterprise contact interaction platform. It is great to see an award that acknowledges the technology user, because they are truly the point where good solutions separate themselves from just good marketing."
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