Emkay Innovative Products Changing Name

ITASCA, IL - Effective June 1st, Emkay Innovative Products will be named Knowles Acoustics. Reasons for the name change include an expansion of core technologies, broader product development and a global restructuring to support key focus markets. "Knowles Acoustics better expresses what we do," said Jeff Niew, the company's VP and General Manager. "It also conveys our roots, because in the past we were known as the new business development group of Knowles Electronics. Through our dominant position in the hearing health market, acoustic technology is our heritage. That is where we intend to stay with our component and software business model, expanding our reach to other markets." External and internal forces have accelerated the need for a name change, Niew added. "As our new name implies, we are focused on the acoustic interface needs of our customers' products. Our research and development have led us to a new generation of sound porting concepts, subassembly methods, ultra-miniature microphones, and new sound conditioning methods. For example, our renewed focus has recently yielded the world's first series of surface mount microphones for consumer electronic and telephony products." Along with the new name, the company is announcing a new web site: www.knowlesacoustics.com.
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