Epson Selects Fonix Text-to-Speech Technology for New Semiconductor Chip

Seiko Epson (Epson), a worldwide provider of information-related equipment, selected Fonix Speech to put Fonix text-to-speech (TTS) technology on a new semiconductor chip that Epson manufactured and sold.

Epson's newest semiconductor chip, the S1V30120, is a chip that converts text-based characters into synthetic speech. The chip features Fonix DECtalk TTS, Fonix's TTS solution for embedded and limited memory applications. DECtalk offers multiple languages and speaks words and phrases in nine synthetic voices. Target applications include a range of voice-driven devices and systems such as mobile phones, portable media devices, home appliances, office/industrial equipment, and assistive and other handheld devices. Fonix will receive licensing fees.

Key features of the S1V30120 include:

  • Fonix text-to-speech
  • Fonix DECtalk fully parametric speech synthesis
  • Multiple languages - US English, Castilian, and Latin American Spanish
  • Nine TTS voices for each language (four male, four female, one child)
  • Sampling rate: 11.025kHz
  • Audio playback (ADPCM)
  • ADPCM decoding (in Epson's original format)
  • Bit rate: 80kbps, 64kbps, 48kbps, 32kbps, 24kbps
  • Sampling rates: 16kHz, 8kHz


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