Expect Labs Scores Major Investors

Expect Labs, a speech solutions startup, has added more high-profile investors, including Intel Capital, Samsung Venture Investment, and Telefonica Digital, to help it expand its solutions set.

Since its launch in 2011, the company has been working on a technology platform to serve as the foundation for new types of intelligent applications called Anticipatory Computing Engine, designed to analyze and understand conversations in real time and proactively find related information.

The company uses language understanding, speech analysis, and statistical search technology for Anticipatory Computing. The engine includes voice recognition technology from Nuance Communications to power its MindMeld, an intelligent voice and video calling app for the iPad.

In addition,Expect Labs has filed several patents covering its core technology in three key areas. They are the following

  • Real-Time, Multi-Party Conversation Analysis: The Expect Labs technology platform can concurrently analyzing audio signals for each participant in a group conversation. 
  • Continuous Context Modeling: Based on this understanding of the conversation, the Expect Labs technology constructs a continuous model that captures the overall meaning of any conversation as it changes from second to second.
  • Proactive Information Discovery: Rather than wait for a user to make a request, the Expect Labs platform leverages its real-time context model to proactively analyze thousands of pieces of content and data sources that could contain relevant information. With this approach, Expect Labs can identify highly relevant pieces of information before users need to make explicit requests.

"Expect Labs has taken a unique approach to modeling context using sensor signals, such as GPS and audio, that are available in the new generation of computing devices," said Brannon Lacey, principal at Samsung Venture Investment, in a statement. "We think this approach is an important step toward creating a new layer of application and device intelligence."

The company also has backing from Google, Greylock, Bessemer, IDG Ventures, KPG Ventures, Quest Venture Partners, and other angel investors.

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