GM Voices Adds Translation and Localization Services

GM Voices, a producer of professionally recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, expanded its suite of translation services  to better meet the needs of its global customer base. These offerings will allow businesses to target new language audiences with new and adapted content for marketing, product, and tutorial purposes.

In addition to the translation of content in a variety of editorial styles, GM Voices offers full creative fulfillment in a multitude of digital media: print, Web, audio, video, software, and more. The complete translation offering is highlighted by specialty services, including the following: 

  • Specialized Document Translation - If the content relates to specialized fields of law, mechanical engineering, medicine, aeronautics, or other technical field, GM Voices assigns the project to a translator versed in that specific industry.
  • Literary Translation - Take any creative content-blogs, comics, magazines, and screenplays-and give it a culturally-authentic adaptation. More than just translation, this service puts creative work in the hands of a talented writer to make sure cultural references and colloquialisms are given a local spin to connect with the audience.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing - If a company has an advertisement, catalogue, or installation guide, GM Voices expertly adapt the design or typesetting in the newly translated language. GM Voices can work with virtually any file format, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Web site Translation/Localization - Provide GM Voices with a Trados-recognized file (such as .jsp format) that can be added right back into a site, or deliver an editable document (.doc, .txt) - updates can be handled independently, or GM Voices can manage the implementation.
  • Direct Translation and Transcription - Just provide your audio or video file. GM Voices translates or transcribes directly from the source.

"Whether it's Spanish customers in North America, German customers in Europe, Chinese customers in Asia or Brazilian customers in South America, many companies today are providing products and services around the globe," said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices, in a statement. "They've got to talk the local language to succeed! To help, we now have the full capability to adapt any English-language resource and help clients take that message to any language market with local credibility."

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