HSS and Jasomi Demonstrate Interoperability

SAN JOSE, CA, & NEW DELHI, INDIA - Hughes Software Systems Ltd. (HSS), specialists in convergent network software, and Jasomi Networks, Inc., a supplier of NAT traversal and secure call demarcation solutions for Voice over IP networks, have demonstrated full interoperability between HSS' call control platform (the HSS SIP Server) and Jasomi's far-end NAT traversal solution, PeerPoint Centrex Edition. The HSS SIP server and Jasomi's Centrex Edition are complementary products that are essential for the commercial deployment of a SIP enabled network. While the SIP server from HSS provides a rich set of features fully compliant to the latest standards of SIP, PeerPoint Centrex Edition provides a robust signaling and media proxy implementation that addresses edge-of-network issues including near-end and far-end NAT-firewall traversal, legal intercept (CALEA), and call demarcation. Jasomi Networks' PeerPoint Centrex Edition lets providers serve voice calls over the Internet to customers located behind NAT-enabled firewalls without requiring any customer premise equipment or software, and without requiring the replacement or modification of customers' existing firewalls. Previous attempts to solve these problems - especially through strong firewalls - have required the installation of special equipment on a customer's premises, spoiling the economics of deployment. Jasomi's PeerPoint gives service providers access to the vast majority of otherwise-inaccessible corporate and residential customers that are located behind firewalls, and that are essential to the success of new telephony business models. "At Jasomi Networks, interoperability and standards-compliance are among our highest technical priorities, since our entire focus is on edge-of-network issues that often involve equipment from many vendors," said Dan Freedman, CEO and CTO of Jasomi Networks. "Our interoperability testing with HSS was both quick and smooth, a testament to both companies' commitment to fast, correct, protocol-tolerant implementations. We look forward to working closely with HSS to help service providers bring the benefits of IP telephony to the widest possible audience." The HSS SIP Server is a breakthrough solution for developing and deploying a variety of feature rich SIP servers, including Proxies, Registrars, Redirect, Location Servers, Back-to-Back User Agents (B2BUA), Call State Control Function (CSCFs) and Application Servers which are fully compliant to the latest RFC 3261 SIP standard. Jasomi PeerPoint Centrex and HSS SIP Server will speed the deployment and improve the economics of new communications services based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the standard for real-time communications over IP-based networks. This combination of products gives the industry a complete and secure end to end solution that delivers rich SIP based services (via the HSS SIP server) and at the same time solves firewall and NAT issues of existing networks (via Jasomi PeerPoint Centrex Edition). "The interoperability of our SIP Server is a further testimony of HSS' constant endeavor to develop and partner with leading technology solution vendors to bring value to end customer," said Manoranjan Mohapatra, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Hughes Software Systems. "This coupled with our partnership with companies like Jasomi Networks who are developing complementary products offers our customers a unique platform to drive revenues."
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