Hamilton Relay Selected to Provide Captioned Telephone Services in Tennessee

Hamilton Relay has been selected as the new provider of captioned telephone service in Tennessee. After a competitive bid process, the Tennessee Regulatory Authority voted unanimously to award the state CapTel contract to Hamilton Relay. Hamilton Relay began providing CapTel service to Tennesseans on September 1.

Captioned telephone is similar to closed captioning on television and provides individuals who are hard of hearing the opportunity to see what they say by reading captions of telephone conversations conveniently from a captioned telephone. Specially trained operators use advanced voice recognition technology to convert everything that’s said by the standard phone user into captions. Captioned telephone users can listen and read what the other person is saying on the large, bright screen of a CapTel phone. It is free to use CapTel Service, and captions are available in English or Spanish. The CapTel phone is free to Tennessee residents who qualify, ensuring that everyone who could benefit from captioned telephone will have access to the service.

“We are thrilled that the launch of our service coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as it is a reminder of the impact that relay service has had on the lives of people with hearing loss.  We look forward to serving the residents of Tennessee,” said Dixie Ziegler, vice president of Hamilton Relay. “Our technology is easy to use, rich in features, and makes telephone communication more enjoyable for individuals who are hard of hearing. We are committed and dedicated to serving the residents of Tennessee so that no one ever has to miss a word of what is being said on the telephone.”

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