HealthLynked Launches Speech-Enabled CareLynk

HealthLynked, a global healthcare network and provider of healthcare technologies, has released CareLynk, an artificial intelligence-enabled healthcare directory allowing users to call any doctor across the United States with simple voice commands.

CareLynk uses natural language processing (NLP) and voice-to-text technology to connect patients and doctorrs. The system includes doctors from more than 88 specialties. Providers can be located by last name, ZIP code, and specialty. Results are filtered in order of relevance.

The technology was built on Amazon's Lex technology, which is used in Amazon Alexa devices to recognize voice commands. CareLynk was built with a proprietary library of relevant medical terms, and its ability to recognize alternative medical queries will improve over time with the system's machine learning capabilities. Calls are connected to a selected doctor via Amazon Connect.

"Patients are often frustrated when they are looking to book an appointment or find a new physician. The phone book as the source to find a doctor has essentially gone away, and patients are left to remember multiple numbers and search the internet, which can be frustrating and out of date because doctors often move locations every three to five years," said Dr. Michael Dent, CEO of HealthLynked, in a statement. "CareLynk will allow patients to connect to any doctor through one number."

CareLynk will first be released in Florida connecting patients to more than 33,000 doctors throughout the state. CareLynk, which is capable of connecting to more than 300,000 doctors across all 50 states, is expected to be expanded to the rest of the United States in the coming months.

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