Helios Partners with Exabel on Voice Tone Analysis

Exabel, providers of a data and analytics platform for investment teams, has partnered with Helios to deliver insights to Helios' investment research clients. The insights platform, to be named 'Comprehend: Composites', will provide asset managers with curated insights based on Helios's acoustic analysis technology.

With Comprehend: Composites will generate dashboards, immediate price forecasts, and additional earnings intelligence that can only be found through the tone of voice.

Helios' acoustic analysis is now being enhanced with the power of voice tone, which accounts for 38 percent of human communication. The new product uses advanced voice-processing and artificial intelligence to extract this distinct data to enhance investors' understanding of equities.

"We are delighted to be working with Helios to bring Comprehend: Composites to the market. Unlocking the value of tonal/acoustic properties of human speech using AI and speech analytics are at the cutting edge of what is technologically possible today," said Neil Chapman, Exabel's CEO, in a statement.

"At Helios, we've been pioneering an entirely new field of earnings intelligence: voice tone. We all know that how a message is delivered is equally, if not more, important to understanding what" is said, but we have been operating in a tone-deaf world of systematic analysis for far too long. This next-generation product allows non-quantitative traders to finally tap into the power of voice at scale," said Sean Austin, CEO of Helios, in a statement.

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