Holly Connects Releases Multi-Tenancy IVR Features

SYDNEY, Australia - Holly Connects released the company's third generation of multi-tenancy features in the Holly Voice Platform. 

A multi-tenanted IVR allows a number of organizations to deploy VoiceXML applications to a common infrastructure.  A multi-tenanted IVR also enables the tenant organizations control, configuration and reporting with a dedicated IVR.

"As it becomes clear that contact centers are not just cost centers but up-sell channels, organizations are currently increasing their focus on enhancing technology used in them.  A multi-tenant IVR solution reduces the capital and operational costs for the company while still providing the benefits of a next-generation technology equipped self-service channel. In fact, multi-tenancy is a great example of the benefit of next-generation IVR solutions," said Krithi Rao, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Holly's multi-tenanted features emerged from network-hosted and telecommunications environments with requirements for operations of numerous telephone services.

Holly's third-generation multi-tenancy introduces:

  • Holly's Voice over IP architecture allows an IVR port to handle any application with port limits imposed by the resourcing system.  
  • Resource allocation: provision of new services with updates to the allocations of port and speech recognition resources.
  • Reporting: Web-based access to reporting with tenants having restricted access according to their role and with a view of their applications only.
  • Per-call configuration: the multi-tenancy model permits each port to be configured for each new call based on the tenant identifier to select amongst speech recognizers, set VoiceXML parameters, select full call recording, suppress logging, with other configuration options.
  • Configuration: centralized management of geographically distributed IVR infrastructure.
  • Multi-tenancy enables deployment of multiple applications for development, maintenance and support and using VoiceXML to link the services.
  • Remote access to a shared development environment.

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