IBM Introduces Watson Assistant

According to IBM’s Think Blog, IBM introduced Watson Assistant, a smart enterprise assistant that brings together AI, cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that it says will help businesses enhance brand loyalty and transform customer experiences, while keeping the business and customer data private and secure.

IBM says Watson Assistant can be embedded in any “thing” – like a car, hotel room, or conference room. According to the post, “It combines a deep understanding of the user with additional contextual factors such as their location and time of day to anticipate their needs and proactively make recommendations.”

Additionally, IBM says, “The contextual element is important. Watson Assistant isn’t just designed for a single location such as your home. And, it doesn’t just respond to a person’s commands and provide generic information that’s publicly available. It can be accessed via voice or text interaction and gets to know a person more through each and every interaction, gaining greater insight into who they are, what makes them happy and more.”

Watson Assistant is delivered through the IBM Cloud, and can be used in any set of industry-specific applications.

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