IPC and GreenKey Partner on Dictation as a Service

IPC, a provider of communications and networking solutions for financial markets, has launched a managed voice trading dictation solution, Dictation as a Service.

Dictation as a Service brings together GreenKey Technologies' cloud-based speech recognition and natural language processing engine with IPC's Connexus Cloud financial ecosystem. The service enables financial traders to dictate trade jargon via a dedicated IPC private wire, and consume the output transcribed in real-time via GreenKey's and IPC's Blotter visualization application.

Dictation as a Service can convert unstructured voice trade data into a searchable, exportable structured data format in real-time. It also offers the following:

  • Voice trading workflows;
  • Integration to premier chat services;
  • Automated text records of voice trades;
  • A trader's consolidated daily tape;
  • Search through structured voice data to reconstruct trades;
  • Support for internal and external regulatory compliance requirements.

"Timely communication is critical for traders," said Bob Santella, CEO of IPC, in a statement. "The combined capabilities of IPC and GreenKey empower traders to take advantage of state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies to create workflow efficiencies."

"Our collaboration with IPC continues to provide traders with the necessary tools for success," said Anthony Tassone, CEO of GreenKey Technologies, in a statement. "Much like Blotter, this industry-first solution will enhance trader productivity by providing unparalleled NLP capabilities."

IPC's Dictation as a Service is platform-independent and supports IPC's Unigy solution, third-party trading communications systems, and PBX users.

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