IVR Technology Group Announces iChat SMS Text Chat

IVR Technology Group has introduced iChat, an SMS/text chat application that can be coupled with its interactive voice response hosted services platform to provide a two-way consumer communication program. Now the consumer can interact either by text message to a live interface or by IVR for an automated interaction of his information requests.

With the new offering, a consumer can use a text messaging application to interact in near real time with a live agent, who responds with text messaging. 

“We are very sensitive to the user experience and are constantly seeking new and improved ways of interaction. iChat is an example of our dedication to improving the user experience" states Mike Byrne of IVR Technology Group. "We've had excellent feedback and results with iChat and look forward to its continued development as technology evolves."

Although in its early stage of release, iChat shows great promise and potential. IVR Technology Group will continue to pursue the SMS technology base to build on its success with iChat. The next generation will include self-service options and more robust interaction between the IVR and SMS processors.

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