IVR Technology Group Releases iCall

IVR Technology Group (ITG), a provider of voice response services and solutions, has introduced iCall, a feature-rich, streamlined approach to automated outbound call processing.

iCall has been totally revamped to provide both self-service and full-service options. With self-service, users can set up, run, and monitor their calling campaigns. Full-service allows IVR Technology Group to layer in technology, including variable scripting for each call made.

"Because iCall is a virtual hosted application, there is no need for internal equipment or telephone lines or resources. The recorded message can be tuned to deliver a different message to a live pick-up or an answering machine pick-up. Each call provides a message delivery that is consistent and pleasant plus the ability to transfer the called party to a live agent," said Mike Byrne, president of ITG. "Further, iCall is more secure and less prone to human error in terms of message delivery and communicating important factual information."

"iCall has also been built to stress industry best practices and legal compliance in terms of using automated outbound," said John Crouthamel, also with ITG. "Operating cost is much lower using automated outbound. Most of our clients enjoy over 60 percent reduction in operating expenses as compared to using live agent calling."

iCall provides up-to-the-minute statistics and options like immediate feedback to validate, as an example, or confirm an appointment, provide information, deliver emergency messages, and more.

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