Ifbyphone Provides New Call Tracking Capabilities

Ifbyphone today released SourceTrak, a new suite of call tracking tools that enable marketers to measure phone conversions, optimize ad spend, and demonstrate a return on investment for any size campaign. Using SourceTrak, marketers can now track, qualify, and route calls from traditional ads as well as PPC, SEO, and social media.

“Marketers have always struggled to track offline conversations, and Ifbyphone’s latest call tracking software addresses the challenge of helping them determine where their advertising dollars are being best spent,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of Ifbyphone. “With SourceTrak, we’re offering multiple technologies, appropriate for campaigns of any size, for marketers to measure results and route calls.”

SourceTrak offers marketers 4 options for Call Tracking:

SourceTrak Basic: With SourceTrak Basic, marketers place a unique phone number on an advertisement (e.g. radio, direct mail, billboard) and can view real-time reports including data on call time, call duration, caller name, caller number, and more.

SourceTrak Dynamic: With SourceTrack Dynamic, online marketers can measure offline phone conversions. Dynamically assigned phone numbers are displayed on a Web site based on the referral source of the traffic (i.e. keyword, search engine, or pay-per-click ad). A business can then customize the routing for each unique phone number and view real-time reports online.

SourceTrak Dynamic Groups: To accommodate larger online marketing campaigns, SourceTrak Dynamic Groups supports tracking more traffic sources with less phone numbers by grouping traffic sources and phone numbers into shared groups. This provides a more cost-effective and data-rich solution, while still offering marketers control over unique call routing for each group.

SourceTrak Session: SourceTrak Session enables marketers to track an unlimited number of keywords, domains, or pay-per-click ads without predefining traffic sources. This solution also offers the ability to track online conversions with minimal setup.

“For businesses that have multiple revenue channels where online marketing efforts can drive offline sales, Ifbyphone’s call tracking allows us to better associate revenue to the attributing source,” said Brad Henry, manager of Web marketing services at Beacon Technologies. “By having better ROI data by channel we make smarter decisions and make our advertising dollars work more effectively.”

Beyond Call Tracking, Ifbyphone also enables marketers to:

  • Customize call routing by schedule, geography or percentage;
  • Direct calls to a virtual call center with agents using traditional phones anywhere in the world;
  • Create custom voice dialogs to qualify callers based on the ad they saw;
  • Record all phone calls to measure call quality;
  • Integrate call tracking data with Google Analytics
  • Tie call data into customer relationship management (CRM) software; and
  • Whisper, or announce, a custom message to the person answering the phone calls (e.g. “This is a call from your Web site page ABC”).

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