Innotech Releases SurfBoard Remote Control

PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. — Innotech Systems released a new voice-interactive SurfBoard Remote Control. The remote control offers both large buttons and voice operation.

Innotech's patent-pending Smart Source technology reduces the number of buttons by knowing whether to send commands to the television or cable/satellite box.

The SurfBoard Remote Control lets users control their TV by the sound of their voice with a voice recognition system. The voice operation system can also be "trained" to associate channel numbers with such voice commands as "HBO," "ESPN," or "surf."

Other features of the The SurfBoard Remote Control include: A voice-response system that tells users what button they have pushed (The voice response may be turned on and off.); a "HELP" button that guides users through set-up; and a "SURF" button can be used to go back to the previously tuned channel or to surf through "favorite" channels.

The "HELP" button uses voice prompts to talk the user through setup and command training.

The SurfBoard Remote Control includes a code library that includes the remote control codes for all popular TV, VCR, Cable, DSS, and other home entertainment products.


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