Intermedia Launches Interaction Analytics

Intermedia Cloud Communications has released Intermedia Interaction Analytics, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based feature added to Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center to extract business insights from patterns within high volumes of customer calls.

Intermedia Interaction Analytics transcribes every call (including voicemail) that comes through one or more designated call queues. It then uses artificial intelligence to analyze the call and assign sentiment tags based on the ratio of positive to negative words. Those with access to call recordings can use the recording search filter to search by sentiment or even by keyword or phrase. Supervisors can also automatically flag calls for further evaluation based on key phrases.

"Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center gives businesses and the partners that serve them the tools they need today to deliver an outstanding customer experience without the cost, complexity, resource requirement, and prolonged implementation time experienced with competing solutions. With the addition of Intermedia Interaction Analytics, business leaders are now able to sift more easily and efficiently through all of the calls within their sphere of control to identify the customer conversations that have the biggest impact on their success. And for partners, Intermedia Interaction Analytics adds even more value to a solution built to help their customers deliver exceptional customer experiences," said Koray Parmaks, Intermedia's vice president of contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS), in a statement.

"Ensuring high service quality with limited resources is the current reality for most businesses," said Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst at Aragon Research, in a statement. "To make that reality manageable, customer experience vendors need to deliver practical AI solutions businesses can use today, not 6 months from now. Intermedia Interaction Analytics and tools like it go a long way in helping businesses deliver excellent customer service even if they may be experiencing staffing shortages."

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