Intervoice Releases PersonalizeIT

DALLAS - Intervoice, Inc. (NASDAQ: INTV) released PersonalizeIT, a new offering from Intervoice Global Services that enables companies to personalize their voice self-service systems and subscription services. PersonalizeIT synthesizes caller behavior and live data with a business rules engine built on patented technology (U.S. Patent # 6,061,433, May 9, 2000). This gives companies the ability to change the way they present information, promotions and options to each customer.

By using Intervoice's patented technology, a company can synthesize a customer's user profile (i.e. when they last called, what they called about, what services they typically use, etc.) with live data such as current company promotions, to either predict what the customer is likely calling about, determine relevant promotions, or change the call flow or prompts. Companies can also connect callers to a customer service agent based on pre-determined criteria and customer segmentation.

"Providing customers with excellent and highly-personalized experiences has long been a goal of leading companies of all sizes. Due in large part to the number of moving parts to the problem, this goal has not been easy or inexpensive to achieve," said Joe Outlaw, principal analyst, Current Analysis. "Applying all of its 20+ years of voice application design experience, Intervoice has cracked the code for providing easy-to-build and maintain personalized customer service applications with its PersonalizeIT solution."

"With PersonalizeIT, Intervoice helps companies truly know their customers -- a goal companies have strived toward for years, but never fully achieved," said Andrea Holko, senior vice president, Global Consulting Services. "With our world class design team and technology, companies are no longer limited by the cost and complexity typically associated with building a personalized voice self-service system. Now, companies have a cost-effective solution that facilitates a customized user experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty."


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