John Landau Joins ITXC as EVP of Product Management

PRINCETON, NJ - ITXC Corp. (Nasdaq: ITXC), a U.S. based pure wholesale carrier of international phone calls, announced that former Intel executive John Landau has joined the company in the newly created position of Executive Vice President of Product Management. Mr. Landau is now responsible for the marketing and profitability of all existing ITXC services as well as the design and rollout of new services. Mr. Landau comes to ITXC from Intel Corporation's Intel Communications Group in New Jersey. He joined Intel when it acquired Dialogic Corporation in 1999 and subsequently served as Director of Strategic Marketing and later Director of Technology at Intel. Landau was recruited to Dialogic in 1993 to help take the company public as Vice President of Marketing. Prior to Dialogic, Mr. Landau was a co-founder of Benchmarq Microelectronics in Dallas, Texas where he was initially responsible for all sales and marketing. He was a driving contributor to Benchmarq's strategy, engagements, and products. Benchmarq was acquired by Unitrode, and Unitrode, later by Texas Instruments. "I've had an opportunity to see first hand John's success at getting Intel/Dialogic customers to build Intel components into their products," said Tom Evslin, chairman and CEO of ITXC. "ITXC is more and more often a strategic supplier whose capabilities enable carriers from India to Bolivia to the United States to offer services that would be impossible or uneconomic without the capabilities of ITXC.net. I expect John to be a huge help in achieving even more of these design wins. Moreover, his experience on both sides of acquisitions will be valuable in this time of rapid industry consolidation." ITXC recently announced the acquisition of the wholesale network assets of Nexcom in Eastern Europe and is constantly presented with acquisition opportunities since it is one of the very few carriers to have a strong balance sheet and virtually no debt. "Over the years I have watched ITXC develop a unique competency to provide high quality voice services that enable carriers to offer their own services with dramatically lower capital and operating expenses and with new levels of flexibility and scalability-capabilities that will help define the future industry leaders," said Mr. Landau. "I am excited to join the proven team at ITXC at this time of communications industry transition because I am confident that ITXC.net will be the foundation for an increasingly strategic role enhancing the competitive position of service providers around the world."
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