JustPaid.io Develops Voice Assist Financial Co-Pilot for iOS

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JustPaid, a technology provider to the financial services industry, is set to launch a voice assist financial copilot for iOS through new audio-based functionality coming from OpenAI.

JustPaid's audio assistant can answer finance-related questions for businesses through a voice assistant leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4.0's voice capabilities.

"Forget about typing in a command prompt - the voice assist JustPaid co-pilot is like having your very own finance team member for your company right in your pocket. With OpenAI's technology and Apple's iOS - we can leverage business financial audio AI interactions to never-before-seen heights," said Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder of JustPaid, in a statement.

"There is a growing shortage of accountants, and with the trend moving the way it is, we will need to turn to AI to fill the gap, especially small businesses who can't afford to hire out an accounting team," said Anelya Grant, co-founder of JustPaid, in a statement.

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