LabTwin’s AI-powered Digital Assistant Now Talks Back and Connects Data Sources in the Lab with New Open API

LabTwin GmbH, the world's first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, announced its new open API that will connect scientists with data sources both inside and outside of the lab. LabTwin will enable scientists to instantly access external databases as well as data streams from other sources such as lab equipment and informatics systems. With LabTwin’s open API, R&D groups will be able to easily integrate real-time, scientifically accurate information into their daily workflows.

Most lab tools cannot move content across devices, and therefore, pieces of information are fragmented across different tools and platforms. With its new API, LabTwin removes data silos, eliminates the data graveyard and empowers scientists with real-time data capture and on-demand access to important information, all in one central location. 

Interactive Lab Assistant Now Talks Back

LabTwin’s digital assistant uses machine learning and voice-recognition technologies to assist scientists with day-to-day tasks, saving time and making research more efficient and reproducible. Researchers can take notes, capture data, create supply lists and set timers or reminders from anywhere in the lab simply by talking to LabTwin.  

LabTwin is constantly evolving to add new features based on customer feedback. Now, the digital assistant can speak back to scientists, guide scientists through interactive protocols, and provide recommendations as well as on-demand access to scientific data.

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