Lilt Partners with CaptionHub Partner for Multilingual Videos

Lilt, a translation technology provider, has partnered with CaptionHub, a subtitling software platform provider, to offer businesses a solution for multilingual video content generation at scale.

Through this partnership, Lilt's Contextual AI Platform will seamlessly integrate with CaptionHub's advanced subtitling platform, enabling users to  transform their multimedia content into multiple languages with subtitles powered by Lilt's Contextual AI Engine. The Lilt-CaptionHub Connector also comes with quality control from Lilt's linguist community through Verified Translation. Furthermore, CaptionHub's Natural Captions technology automatically times the subtitles using a blend of scene detection, caption rules, natural language processing, and speaker identification. Linguists and producers can then edit translations against the source video.

"As demand for multilingual video content grows, our partnership with CaptionHub is an exciting expansion of our enterprise capabilities," said Lilt CEO Spence Green in a statement. "Our customers rely on Lilt for high-quality translation and can now apply the same brand-specific large language models to generate multilingual video subtitles."

"We're laser-focused on our mission of enabling our customers to get to perfect subtitles, faster. As such, we're excited to partner with innovative providers such as Lilt, where our joint customers unlock massive benefits and efficiencies in their multilingual video localisation workflows," said CaptionHub CEO Tom Bridges in a statement.

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