LiveVox Announces 100 Percent Call Recording with Dynamic Retrieval

LiveVox, a provider of hosted-dialer solutions, today announced 100 percent call recording of all inbound, outbound, preview, and manual calls with dynamic retrieval options for quick and easy access to recordings.

The solution enables speech analytics functionality with the ability to record separate channels (in stereo) allowing credit and collection organizations to determine whether the agent or the consumer is speaking.

Two factors are making call recording more important to debt collectors. First, more creditors are mandating their agency partners record all calls. Second is tighter regulation — such as the recent New York City Local Law No. 15, which requires 100 percent call recording or randomly transcribing 5 percent of calls.

LiveVox records all inbound and outbound calls (predictive, right-party scripting, manual, and preview) as a standard part of its hosted solution at no additional cost.

“Call recording is important to the collection arena, but the tool is differentiated by storage and retrieval — how easily agencies can access the exact calls they need,” said Louis Summe, CEO of LiveVox. “Our dynamic retrieval function allows managers to quickly locate and play the recordings they need from a single, unified hosted-dialing platform. Agencies now have better tools for training, compliance and creditor requirements, without expensive third-party solutions..”

The ease and specificity of retrieval are crucial to fully leverage call recording for training and compliance. The web-based GUI call recording portal of LiveVox enables managers to quickly search recording libraries by numerous parameters such as campaign or call center, account or phone number, date ranges, specific agents, specific call result codes or any combination of variables.

“Agencies need call recording to satisfy client needs, reduce complaints and increase positive call outcomes without having another complex hardware system to manage. The promise of speech analytics, which is enabled by stereo recording, is exciting as it captures actionable data within the calls,” said John McNamara, chief marketing officer at LiveVox. “A tough economy means more consumer complaints, heightened litigation threats, and fewer high-score accounts where a positive outcome is critical for competitive rankings and profits.”

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